Pigment updates
Pigment updates

Get back on the same page




Clear your page selections in just one click!

Every time you change a page selector, your selection turns blue. Now Pigment can help you get rid of the blues.

Click the X to return to the default page selection on an individual selector or click Reset and all your page selections will go back to default.


Dynamic Page selection




Save your unnecessary scrolling for social media, this latest improvement will dynamically update your page selection options based on previous selections.

Whenever you select an available item of a page selector that is part of a grouping dimension, all parents and children options on the other page selectors are automatically filtered.

You can disable this option in the page options by clicking on "Disable dynamic pages"


Become a planning Picasso with custom Color Palettes




Workspaces now have a custom palette to be used as formatting in Grids and color themes for Charts.

Bring in your brand colors to tell your story!

Learn more


Salesforce custom queries integration




The sky is now the limit with the introduction of the Custom Query mode within our Salesforce connector.

While Report mode is limited to 2,000 rows, Custom Query is limited to your imagination, or the amount of rows in your Salesforce but imagination sounds so much cooler.

Check how you can can input any Salesforce SOQL query in to Custom Query to load data into Pigment..


Update import configurations with ease




You can now edit existing import configurations with the new "Replace existing configuration" option. This is available from both the Import configuration and Import report panels.


Note: This can only be applied to configurations with the same data source.

Chart formatting is on point!




Your chart's data points will now match the formatting from the grid.

Metrics with different formats on a combined chart? No problem, Get 100% of your money's worth by combining money symbols £€$ and percentages!


Impersonate other users




In Pigment, not in real life, that's just mean. The new Impersonate feature allows Security Admins or the Primary Owner to view an Application as another user to review their Access Rights.

From any Board or Block, click on the impersonate icon and select the Pigment user you which to impersonate.

Check out how easy it is.


Drag and drop is here




We have all tried to drag a Block or Board into a folder and now you can!

This latest release allows users with the Can Configure Blocks permission to drag and drop Blocks and Boards into folders to easily organize.

Drag and Drop112995a1.autosave.gif

Commenting on cells




Commenting is now available at the cell level, no need to spend 44 billion dollars to purchase another platform.

User can just right click on the cell he wished to comment and hit "Add a comment"

Much more to talk about with this update, read more.


Triple Exponential Smoothing Forecasting function available




If you always wanted to forecast time series with a seasonality trend, the ETS function (stands for Triple Exponential Smoothing) is made for you!

The ETS function is a statistical algorithm for time series forecasting based on the Holt-Winters model. For more information about the model and how you can use it in Pigment, please visit this article.